Examroom - Remote Proctoring Solutions

 Providing top-of-the-line security and data features from end to end

To ensure the integrity and ease of use of our remote proctoring solutions, we developed security, data management, and analytic capabilities.


Real-Time Analytics

In order to improve our partners' web-based, remote online testing, ExamRoom.AI has incorporated AI technology and algorithms. The implementation of real-time analytics allows administrators and professors to "barge" into the live virtual proctoring session.


Fully Integrated System

Remote proctoring services are offered by ExamRoom so you can customize them to fit your requirements. We have designed our platform and products to be fully integrated with a range of LMS and test assessment platforms to offer a seamless, seamless experience to our partners and test takers.



There is more to ExamLock than your average exam security solution. Additionally, ExamRoom developed secure algorithms to control hardware and software kernels in-house, in addition to providing browser blocking, keystroke logging, and navigation lock. Further anti-cheating measures are offered by ExamLock through seven different biometric measurements, which are analyzed to detect cheating.


Exam Prism

The ExamPrism service protects test content and item banks on the ExamRoom.AI platform. In order to deliver their own test content, test developers can use ExamPrism's virtual proctoring service and security and report services. Test developers can assess candidates and protect proprietary test content with ExamRoom.AI's remote proctoring services without having to rely on third-party platforms.


Exam 360

During the remote proctored exam, the test taker has a 3600 of the live proctor in our free downloadable app on Google Play and Apple Store. Remote proctoring of paper-pencil exams and high stakes exams is possible by using the test taker's smartphone or tablet.

Examroom has developed security, data, and analytic features for integrity and ease of use for all users of remote proctoring solutions.


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