PaaS - Hosted Service, Shared and Cloud Platform

 The ExamRoom.AI Platform is At Your Fingertips

Developers and administrators have a multitude of options available to create services, platforms, and programs, and the process can be overwhelming. We simplify the process by offering ExamRoom.AI as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).


Our Hosted Services

ExamRoom.AI will deploy platform codes for a privately hosted service for organizations who want to control their own proctoring needs. In order for our partners to maintain data, storage, and server maintenance internally, we will provide documentation and training to our client's proctors.


Affordable and customized solutions for you

ExamRoom.AI and its affiliates offer the platform, release notes on upgrades, and performance improvements for a licensing fee and an affordable metered fee.


Shared Service

We offer our Shared Service for organizations that want to use their own remote proctoring staff but do not want to take on management and IT responsibilities. Using ExamRoom.AI's shared service, we will give your internal departments and remote proctors access to our platform, as well as provide all necessary training for remote proctoring staff. ExamRoom.AI will maintain servers, data, and storage on our premises rather than maintaining them in-house.

The exam platform, release notes, and performance enhancements are provided by ExamRoom.AI and its affiliates for a license and a metered fee. Servers, storage, and data are also maintained.


Cloud Service

Administrators can sync ExamRoom.AI PAAS with a variety of websites and services, such as social media, email, and web browsers, by using a cloud service.

We offer a Cloud Service that enables test takers and administrators to operate on the platform using their favorite email program, web browser, and LMS platform to communicate, organize, and collaborate during the testing process.


With ExamRoom.AI, we have simplified the procedure by offering our platform as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). All the customized solutions under on roof.

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