Web-Based Proctoring

 Using Your Own Proctoring Staff for Your Exams

Are you interested in providing your own proctors? Of course! Our platform provides training and support for your current proctors as required


An online remote proctoring service powered by the web

All users, both Administrators and candidates, have access to a more efficient and streamlined remote proctoring service. We can support single sign-on through APIs and LTIs to create an automated system integrating with most LMSs and databases. Verify identity and environment scans using live person onboarding agents to ensure exam integrity. Live proctoring can be performed with the assistance of AI or as a standalone service using AI.



During exam sessions, ExamRoom continually updates its security measures and AI learning.


Report in detail

When an exam is being proctored by AI and live people, you will be notified of all suspicious behavior.


Integrate seamlessly

Providing a single sign-on experience for users, ExamRoom.AI integrates seamlessly with most LMS and databases.


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